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Taylor Swift fans will be interested to know that the young singer, who recently got an extra dose of publicity due to her interrupted acceptance speech at this year’s MTV VMA’s, is set to host Saturday Night Live early next month.

Being the first country singer to receive Best Female Video at the MTV Video Music Awards may have been enough to inspire the usual next-day water cooler chatter, however it was Kanye West who helped put her name above the other award winners after he took the stage during her acceptance speech, grabbed the microphone from her and declared Beyonce’s video the best video “of all time.” Outraged viewers had much to say about West’s poorly timed announcement and Swift became the hero of the story. Now it looks as though she’ll not only be serving as musical guest for an upcoming episode of Saturday Night Live, but the singer will also be hosting the episode.

The Hollywood Reporter posted the news, stating that Swift’s episode will air on November 7th. Should we expect at least one interruption during the opening monologue? Perhaps a West impersonator taking the stage and declaring someone else the greatest host of all time? As predictable as that would be, I’d be disappointed if something along that line didn’t happen.