If you’re a fan of Terry O’Quinn, Hallelujah might be a fitting response to this bit of news. The former Lost star has been cast in a drama pilot for ABC titled Hallelujah, which could mean his return to TV and to ABC if the pilot gets an order.

Deadline reported the news, stating that O’Quinn is set to play a rich man named Del in the pilot, which is being written by Desperate Housewives’ Marc Cherry. The pilot centers on a town called Hallelujah, “which is being torn apart by the forces of good and evil and whose fortunes change when a stranger comes to town, bringing justice, peace and possibly restoring faith.”

O’Quinn’s character Del is the rich man in town who uses his money to get in good with churches and charities, but is secretly more of the bullying type who’s used to getting his way. That sounds like a bit of a twist from O’Quinn’s portrayal of the wise, usually calm John Locke in Lost.

O’Quinn was originally set to star opposite fellow Lost star Michael Emerson in an NBC pilot, but that fell through. Emerson went on to be cast in the J.J. Abrams produced pilot Person of Interst.

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