Terry O’Quinn knows a little something about TV shows centering on people in a struggle for survival, which likely makes him a good fit for the guest-starring role the actor is set to play in TNT’s returning drama Falling Skies.

Since his days of playing John Locke on ABC’s drama Lost, O’Quinn has gone on to appear in numerous episodes of CBS’ Hawaii Five-0. According to Entertainment Weekly, we can expect to see O’Quinn in a two-episode arc of Falling Skies. He’ll be playing a former history professor who was also a mentor to Tom Mason, who also knows a thing or two about history.

In Falling Skies, Noah Wyle’s character Tom Mason is a former history professor whose knowledge has proven useful in mankind’s fight to survive and regroup as the world is overrun by aliens. It’ll be interesting to see how his old mentor fits into the story. In the meantime, O’Quinn seems like a fantastic choice to play the part. His appearances are set to take place in the season’s last two episodes.

?Season 2 of Falling Skies is expected to premiere this summer.

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