Thunderbirds Are Go In The U.S., Find Out When

The 1960s were an amazing time. We had a collective imagination that allowed us to dream of an advanced future, but we lacked the technology to effectively convey that imagination, resulting in some truly inventive TV series. Although many of these programs have faded from memory, major streaming services have become platforms for iconic shows to experience phenomenal revivals. One such program is the classic adventure series Thunderbirds, which will soon make a (hopefully) awesome return on Amazon next month on April 22.

We’ve just learned that Amazon Prime will soon premiere an updated version of the classic television series Thunderbirds. Titled Thunderbirds Are Go, the revival will feature a hybrid of animation and live-action as series brings the iconic Tracy brothers back together to continue their efforts to rescue people in danger all across the world. With regards to the revival's voice cast, Thunderbirds Are Go will feature the vocal talents of Thomas Brodie-Sangster, Rasmus Hardiker, David Menkin, Kayvan Novak, and Rosamund Pike. Although the series is currently set to premiere on April 22 in the United States, a special one-hour sneak peak event will premiere on April 15.

If Thunderbirds Are Go sounds familiar, that’s because the series is an update of the classic Thunderbirds TV series from the 1960s. The show centers on the five members of the billionaire Tracy family as they embark on dangerous rescue missions in an attempt to save as many people as possible. Their adventures take them into the farthest reaches of space, as well as the deepest corners of the ocean. Basically, they live the sort of heroic lives that any kid would want to have.

Over the years, the original Thunderbirds series has become iconic for its use of marionette puppets. It’s a style of animation that made the program instantly recognizable, but also incredibly easy for movies like Team America: World Police to spoof.

Thunderbirds has seen a revival before. Back in 2004 a feature film was released starring Ben Kingsley, Bill Paxton and Vanessa Hudgens. The film featured live-action instead of the traditional use of marionettes, and didn’t exactly hit theaters accompanied by a great deal of fanfare, or even positive reviews. Amazon seems keen to get it right for a modern audience this time around.

Check out the intro to Thunderbirds below to get a serious blast of nostalgia:

We here at Cinema Blend will bring you any and all relevant updates related to the upcoming Thunderbirds revival as they become available to us. The first season of Thunderbirds Are Go will debut on Amazon Prime on April 22. Stay tuned for more details!

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