Tonight’s episode of ‘Grey’s Anatomy’ was titled “Sometimes a Fantasy” and so it was only appropriate that it would open with a dream. In Meredith’s dream, she wakes up next to Derek whose looking quite McDreamy when Meredith rolls over to see Finn lying on the other side of her. Just as the threesome exchanges friendly “Good Mornings”, Meredith is woken by noises out in the hall.

Before we get to that though, I should mention that the beginning of this episode struck a familiar chord. Last season, part one of the “It’s the End Of The World” two-part episode began with a fantasy. That fantasy didn’t involve one of the characters sharing a bed with two men. Oh no, in that fantasy, it was Meredith, Izzie and Cristina soaping each other down in the shower. That sequence was courtesy of the then-sexually frustrated George. At the end of part two of the episode, Meredith had just been injured by the bomb blast and an alternative version of George’s fantasy was realized. Instead of a hot girls-gone-wild-style shower scene, George briefly witnessed the girls in the shower fully clothed and helping an exhausted Meredith clean up.

Tonight’s episode picked up about a week after the events that took place in the “I Am A Tree” episode. This was verified when George complained to Meredith about Callie living with them. George is clearly unhappy with the new living arrangements but he doesn’t have the nerve to address the situation with Callie. He deals with it passive aggressively at first by convincing one of her patients not to have unnecessary surgery. In all fairness, George may have had a point in talking the fifty-year-old man out of getting bones replaced so he could continue his marathons. Either way, Callie was upset and they argued until George finally admitted (more like blurted out) that he wasn’t ready to live with her.

Izzie spent the entire day standing outside the hospital trying to get the image of herself as a bride out of her head so she could go in and convince the chief she was ready to come back. That’s pretty much as far as her story went. Considering Denny died less than two weeks ago, the fact that she’s already attempting to get back to her life is definitely progress.

Finn set up a lunch date with Meredith and she and Derek had arranged to have dinner. When Derek lures Grey away from her lunch with Finn, using brain surgery as the bait, Finn gets even by showing up at Grey’s house just as Derek and Meredith are returning from their date. Meredith ends up getting angry with the both of them for competing with each other. She tells them she wants to be wined and dined and felt up.

Burke decides to take a leave of absence and this upsets Cristina. She’s concerned that he’s just going to lie around the house and do nothing because… well, that’s what he’s been doing. She tells Burke that she’s not going to stand for that and then chops a whole chicken in half. She tosses him a suture kit and tells him to put the chicken back together.

Alex has a patient who thinks she has super powers. A little girl named Megan comes into the hospital with her leg split open. She also has a wound on her arm that she stapled shut herself. Initially Alex assumed that the girl’s foster parents were abusing her but the girl insisted that wasn’t the case. As it turned out, she has some disorder that made her unable to experience pain. The result of that has been her playing harder than she should and encouraging kids at school to punch her in the stomach over and over again. After a thorough check-up, the doctors discover that Megan is bleeding internally. Megan doesn’t want surgery so she runs and hides. When Alex finds her, he uses some advice George gave him about superheroes still being heroes even if they lose their powers as a way to convince her to have the surgery. Megan appears to accept the logic. This whole thing was more evidence that Alex Karev appears to be softening up.

Addison apparently spent the entire week in bed with Mark McSteamy Sloane. Not only did they discuss this fact early in the episode when Addison was trying to convince Mark to go back to the East Coast, but she also managed to maintain the tussled just-had-sex hairdo for pretty much the entire episode. It doesn’t look like Sloane’s going anywhere.

While Addison might be dealing with her frustration over losing her husband to another woman the old fashioned way, she isn’t exactly over Derek’s infidelity. She overhears Meredith and Derek flirting about a date and the next time we see her, Meredith walks in on her crying in a storage closet. Addison does her best to keep her cool and firmly but politely asks Meredith to steer clear of her.

Addison checked herself into the hotel and asked not to be disturbed. Either there are no other hotels in Seattle or they’re all full because after Addison checked in, so did Callie, Webber and Mark (all separately of course).

The episode ends after Meredith’s date with Derek. She’s sitting in bed eating the strawberry ice cream that Finn brought over when he busted up the date. Izzie and George join her in bed and they’re laughing and enjoying themselves like old times. So in a way, Meredith’s fantasy came true. She dreamt she was having a good time in bed with to great people and at the end of the day, that’s exactly what happened.

All in all it was a decent episode. It was nice to see Meredith stand up for herself. I’m not sure what to think of George and Callie right now. It seems like he’s dragging his feet with her and I don’t know how much longer she’ll be willing to put up with that. Addison’s booty call with Sloan might end up lasting longer than she’d expected. Most women wouldn’t complain about bedding down with the delicious plastic surgeon but she still seems pretty torn up over the Grey/Derek drama. It’s good to see that Cristina’s going to stick around to make sure Burke tries to recover.

Nothing hugely dramatic happened in the episode but that’s to be expected. What are you thoughts on the episode? Do you think Izzie will be able to go back to being a doctor? Will Callie and George’s romance last much longer?
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