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Back in August, we learned that Amy Poehler and Tina Fey were approached about hosting the Golden Globes again. Given how well the hilarious duo did last time around, not to mention the ratings the broadcast brought in, it's no surprise that the Hollywood Foreign Press would want them back. Today comes word that they're not only locked in to host the Golden Globe Awards in 2014, but also 2015.

Deadline posted the news today, stating that Fey and Poehler have closed deals to host the next two Golden Glob Awards. That begins with next January's ceremony, set for the 12th. Deadline notes that Fey and Poehler's original deal for last year's ceremony was just a one-shot deal and didn't include the obligation to return to host next year's ceremony if they were invited back, so there was no guaranty that this would happen. But I doubt I'm alone in thinking NBC, the Hollywood Foreign Press Association and Dick Clark Productions (the producer of the Golden Globes) made the right call in getting them back, as they're a big reason to look forward to this coming year's ceremony.

The Golden Globes celebrate some of the best film and television had to offer from the previous year. Unlike the Oscars, the event is a bit more laid back, and has the nominees and their colleagues seated at tables rather than in rows. If you recall last January's Globes, the Fey and Poehler kicked off the ceremony with a pretty fantastic opening monologue -- or dialogue, technically? -- which you can watch below:

Their jokes were current, witty and most importantly, funny. The two proved to mesh well together when they co-anchored Saturday Night Live's "Weekend Update," and that dynamic translated well to the Golden Globe stage.

While we've known since August that there was a chance they were coming back, this confirms the news. Tina Fey hosted Saturday Night Live's season premiere last month. And Fey and Poehler gave us even more reason to hope things would work out for the Globes in January, when the two heckled Neil Patrick Harris at the Emmy Awards last month:

Hopefully Harris will return the favor by ordering them to twerk while he snacks on popcorn form his charm during this year's Golden Globes.

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