With lots of amazing TV shows ending in 2015, combined with a slew of new shows surpassing expectations, it was a truly spectacular year of television. Not to mention all of the shows hitting their prime. There are so many ways to dig into TV shows these days, it’s almost impossible to watch garbage without dedicating effort to it.

Here are my choices for the top 10 TV shows of 2015, culled from a list dozens deep. There are scores of shows left off of this list that I would have sworn were shoe-ins as I was watching them. And after it’s been posted, I’ll probably change my mind on an hourly basis until 2016 is underway. But at this time, these are the shows that spoke to me the loudest, fed into my pleasures both guilty and honorable, gave me emotional starts, and permanently burrowed their way into my life.

10. Justified
The world was gifted with 6 seasons of watching Raylan Givens and Boyd Crowder match wits and bitter attitudes, and nearly every other protagonist/antagonist relationship on TV pales in comparison. Justified sadly rode off into the sunset in the first part of 2015, but not before it introduced us to captivating new villains played to perfection by Sam Elliott and Garret Dillahunt. It was a satisfying ending to one of TV’s all-time best dramas, and it left us wanting more, which is exactly what you want from a beloved future classic.

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