It must be a pretty sweet to be a Tron fan right now. No new material for decades and then a big budget sequel and an animated show within months of each other. I bet this is how children feel when their birthday is within a few days of Christmas. Arduous wait, non-stop happiness, arduous wait.

The new trailer for that aforementioned animated series dropped today, and it is every bit as visually beautiful as you might expect. It focuses heavily on the racing sequences, but near the end, there’s a good bit of plot. Take a look for yourself below…

Featuring voicework from a splendid cast including Elijah Wood, Mandy Moore and Paul Reubens, Tron Uprising promises to be a detailed and costly event. It bridges the gap between the two movies, highlighting the search for a new Tron. Based on these pictures, I wouldn’t expect it to quite live up to the lofty bar set for the theatrical release, but for being on television, the graphics are about as spectacular as you’ll find.

The one thing I’m not quite sold on is the script. Tron: Legacy had more than a few story arc problems, and with scriptwriters Adam Horowitz and Edward Kitsis penning the animated version, it’ll be interesting to see whether they thrive with more time to expand the premise or crumble under the weight of putting together so many hours of programming.

Tron Uprising will get a ten part microseries this fall before fully unveiling on Disney XD the following summer.

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