HBO Go continues to offer users a few added perks. Game of Thrones fans were given the opportunity to watch a new episode a week before it aired and now True Blood fans can enjoy the first few minutes of Season 4. Fortunately, the video has also made its way onto YouTube, and we have it here for you to check out.

Spoilers ahead!

It would appear that Sookie hasn’t seen the last of fairyland. The video below features her visiting the lit-up magic place where peaches glow and taste like happiness for what appears to be some kind of fairyland meet-and-greet.

Fairy godmothers? Classic. I was just rewatching Season 2 yesterday and today and wondering if Barry the mind-reading bell-boy (at the Texas hotel where Bill and Sookie took up residence for a little while) was also part fairy. Sure enough, more than a season later, he returns.

We’re also introduced to Sookie’s Granddaddy Earl.

According to, HBO Go will release another preview sometime before the Season 4 premiere of True Blood (June 26).

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