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Come June, Sundays will mean new episodes of True Blood for HBO subscribers. Until then, those of us who are eagerly awaiting the vampire drama series' return will have to make do with whatever appetizers HBO's willing to offer us. Tonight, that comes in the form of a brief look at a very interesting scene.

With the reveal that Russell had someone escaped his concrete confines at the end of last season, we were left to wonder just who might be responsible for his escape. It seems unlikely that he managed to break free of his situation all on his own. This behind-the-scenes look at Season 5 suggests that Eric has his suspicions…

As far as the list of people who might want to help Russell escape, Pam's definitely on it. Last we saw of her in Season 4, things were not good between her and Eric, due to his feelings for Sookie. Is there a chance she helped Russell get free because she thinks/hopes he'll go after Sookie? That seems to be what Eric's thinking. But the fact that we're seeing him interrogating her now has me thinking it's far too obvious a scenario.

True Blood Season 5 premieres Sunday, Jun 10 on HBO.

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