Will True Detective Return For Season 3? Here's What HBO Says

It’s an interesting time in the prestigious life of HBO, which currently has more than two times as many comedies as it does dramas. And if the Internet’s current level of anti-praise for Season 2 of True Detective would be an indication of the dark drama’s future, the series would have already gone off the air. But HBO is standing behind it, and it looks like we might get a Season 3 next year.

HBO president Michael Lombardo was on hand at the TCA press event this week, and he took part of his time to praise Season 2, telling fans to wait and judge it after they’ve seen the entire shebang. And after showering compliments on creator Nic Pizzolatto and talking about how many viewers the show has this season – which he says is around 12 million an episode – he offered some insight into where a potential Season 3 fits in his mind, according to Zap2It.

If [Nic Pizzolatto] wanted to do another season, I told him our door is open. I’d love to do another season with him…I think he’s an enormously talented writer, and I have already called him and said, ‘Nic, if you want to do a Season 3, let’s start talking.’

It has to be extremely rewarding and fulfilling to have someone like Lombardo as a higher-up, since he generally seems to enjoy keeping shows on the air for as long as their creators are willing to run with them. (With Family Tree and Hello Ladies as glaring exceptions.) That’s in direct opposition to places like NBC, where there is no hesitation in putting still-airing series in the dumpster.

As an anthology series, True Detective is the rare show that can still move forward and win its more negative critics back, since any future seasons would have nothing to do with the murder of Ben Caspere or Colin Farrell’s thick-as-ten-bricks mustache. I’m sure that Lombardo would have few qualms with airing a series where animals watched paint dry, so long as it brought in the kind of ratings that True Detective and Game of Thrones do. So even people who currently have zero interest in such a prospect could get intrigued if an intelligent new story was introduced, with another stellar cast set to perform.

Airing on Sunday nights on HBO, True Detective currently has two episodes left to win audiences over. Let us know what you think about a possible Season 3.

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Nick Venable
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