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Tucker Carlson Replaced With David Gregory

Over at MSNBC Tucker Carlson is getting the ax – and David Gregory is getting a new show in that slot. In response to the accusations that NBC is leaning a little too heavily towards Barak Obama, they decided to shake things up a little and get some new blood in for the election season. The new show will be called Race For the White House, and premieres on March 17th.

David Gregory does a lot of stand in work on The Today Show, and he also frequently attacks George Dub-Yuh as a member of the White House Press Corps. Back in December 2006, Mr. Gregory was accused of being too partisan by Tony Snow, the former Press Secretary for the White House.

Don’t fear for Tucker, though he lost his day job, MSNBC didn’t cut him completely loose. Over at the Huffington Post, they are saying that he is still the “Senior Campaign Correspondent”. He will also continue to appear as a panelist.

In addition to this change, Andrea Mitchell, that frightening reporter often featured on both The Nightly News and The Today Show is getting her own show too.