The Two Major TV Shows John Cusack Wants To Appear In

John Cusack has become a pretty big star over the years since his big break into showbiz as the leading man in 1989’s Say Anything, but his success has stayed on the big screen. Now, Cusack has come up with a couple of small screen projects that he would totally consider, and he would definitely be a fun addition to either. Here's what the actor had to say on a recent panel:

I would say, I really like Better Call Saul. I like everything that Vince Gilligan guy is up to. I’m also like strangely a secret zombie movie fan. I could show up on The Walking Dead and get killed real quick!

John Cusack revealed his two dream TV projects at the recent MegaCon in Orlando, and he really couldn’t have picked much better projects, at least in terms of shows he could drop in on with little fuss. Cusack could play a sketchy one-off character in need of legal help on Better Call Saul, or he could play a zombie just waiting for a crossbow bolt to the forehead on The Walking Dead. In fact, given that Better Call Saul is a prequel to Breaking Bad, and The Walking Dead may have sneakily established back in Season 2 that it is set in the same universe as Breaking Bad, I'm thinking John Cusack could even play the same character on both shows. Why not?

Part of the fun of Better Call Saul for Breaking Bad fans has been keeping an eye out for familiar faces to show up and reprise their roles. John Cusack could be a surprise in the best way for viewers who had been hoping for a big cameo. It wouldn't be a fix for anybody waiting for a look at Walt in his pre-meth kingpin days or Jesse dropping a "bitch" at anybody who crosses his path, but a Cusack cameo would be worth talking about.

Interestingly, John Cusack isn’t the only celebrity interested in appearing on The Walking Dead. Musician Chris Daughtry has been lobbying for a role on the zombie apocalypse series, and has even gone so far as to unsuccessfully audition. Former Pittsburg Steelers receiver Hines Ward played a walker who was killed in Season 3, and Anthrax legend Scott Ian donned the zombie makeup to be killed by Carl in Season 5. Even if Cusack doesn’t find a way onto the show a la Hines Ward or Scott Ian, perhaps his head could make a cameo a la Johnny Depp in Season 6.

John Cusack seemed to be spitballing ideas about television appearances, so Cusack fans shouldn’t count on seeing him on either Better Call Saul or The Walking Dead. Still, with both AMC series currently on hiatus, it’s fun to imagine all the possible ways that Cusack could land a role on one or both of the shows. To see what you can watch while you wait for the returns of Better Call Saul and/or The Walking Dead, check out our summer TV premiere schedule.

Laura Hurley
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