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The newest trailer for Under The Dome is an extended affair, carefully discussing some of the big moments in the small town of Chester’s Mill during the sleepy time before and the high-stakes time after the mysterious dome appears. The trailer especially shows the way panic spreads after the see-through dome appears, zapping those who know the dome is there and wreaking further havoc on trucks and planes that don’t know the limitations of the barrier. It’s the first time we’ve seen an extended look at the damage the dome can cause, and it can be gruesome.

Not only do we get to see people getting zapped for the first time, the extended trailer gives us a little more background on the townspeople trapped beneath the somewhat invisible wall. From waitresses to police officers, the newest trailer gives us a better idea of how our main characters interconnect and operate. It’s not that the newest Under The Dome trailer spells out the entire story of the miniseries in 2 ½ minutes, but it does give those who haven’t read the Stephen King novel Under the Dome is based on a better idea of what they are getting into.

The build-up for CBS’ Under The Dome event has been carefully crafted. Early announcements gave audiences a brief glimpse at the look of the dome, and later the network released behind-the-scenes clips and more to intrigue fans. Earlier this month, CBS put together a pretty nifty trailer that complements today’s release, but features a little music to spice things up a bit, with a cover of “All Along the Watchtower” playing while the dome claims its space. You can check out more at Under The Dome’s site or wait to catch the miniseries beginning on June 24.

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