Vanessa And Angela Simmons Head For L.A. In Daddy's Girls

MTV’s Run’s House has been on the air for five seasons and now, two members of the Simmon’s family are breaking away from the pack. MTV's upcoming reality series, Daddy’s Girls will follow Rev Run's daughters Vanessa and Angela as they leave home in New York to move out to Los Angeles. Viewers will get to see how the two girls manage on their own. Well, not entirely on their own. Their friend Alicia and cousin Jessica will be coming along for the ride.

Here’s what MTV posted about the series:

“Now, with the premiere of Daddy’s Girls, viewers can watch the sisters take a step toward independence as they make a permanent move to Los Angeles to set up a west coast office and showroom for their wildly successful pastry tennis shoe and apparel line, and so Vanessa can pursue her acting career. They might be 3000 miles away from home, but the lessons their father, Rev Run, has instilled are with them always… and the Rev is just a phone call away! Daddy’s Girls will also introduce viewers to two new faces, cousin and business associate Jessica and friend, Aliceia. Together, the four girls are determined to make it in Los Angeles with the Rev guiding them along the way. “

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Daddy’s Girls premieres January 5, 2009 at 10:30 PM ET on MTV.

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