Veronica Mars DVD Set Includes The Rejected Season 4 Pilot

Hey Veronica Mars fans/mourners! Remember last spring when the fate of the series was up in the air and the show’s creator, Rob Thomas was planning on pitching a new version of the show? His idea was to fast forward through the next couple of years and put Veronica into the FBI. He presented a sample of his idea to The CW but they network didn’t go for it and the show was inevitably canceled.

Many of us were still very interested in seeing exactly what Thomas had in mind. Regardless of the fact that Veronica Mars: The FBI Years will most likely never happen, Thomas’ idea was intriguing. The twelve minute pilot was included as one of the special features on the Veronica Mars Season 3 DVD Set, which was released yesterday.

Naturally, it's just a day after the release and someone has already uploaded the video to youtube:

Part 1:

Part 2:

The buzz on the internet over the rejected season 4 “pilot” of Veronica Mars seems to be somewhat mixed. This could be due in large part to the fact that Kristen Bell is the only original cast member featured in the clip. It’s almost like an entirely different show (new surroundings, new characters with new problems). While it’s likely that had the show been picked up for another season and the network decided to go with the FBI story, some of the original cast would’ve been dropped but chances are, at least a few of them would’ve made it into the fourth season so perhaps the transition into the future grown-up world of VM would’ve been smoother than it looks based on the above video.

To see what Rob Thomas and supervising producer Dan Etheridge had to say on what their thought process was with regards to the video, you’ll have to buy (or rent) the Season 3 DVD set. The set also includes Rob and Dan’s thoughts on season three (favorite moments, issues they had with certain story lines not going over well, etc), deleted scenes, a featurette on Ryan Hansen and a gag reel. Considering the first two DVD sets were pretty sparse in terms of special features, its nice to see that they made up for that somewhat with the final set.

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