Veronica Mars' Rob Thomas Developing HBO Drama Based On This American Life's Midlife Cowboy

The long-running radio show This American Life has already received the TV treatment once, with a Showtime series that debuted back in 2007. Now it looks like a new adaptation of the radio show is in the works, this time for HBO. This one will focus on on particular story told on the series back in 2010, and Veronica MarsRob Thomas is among those attached to bring it to the small screen.

Variety reports that Rob Thomas, Ira Glass and Owen Wilson are set to develop a drama inspired by a segment of This American Life titled “Midlife Cowboy.” The story follows James Spring, a former meth struggler who's working in advertising. While in his late thirties, he finds himself compelled to head down to Mexico to search for two girls who were kidnapped. Per Variety, Thomas is going pen the script for the project, which is tentatively titled Thrillsville. Thomas, Glass and Wilson will executive produce the drama.

Thomas’ previous TV work includes creating Veronica Mars and Starz’ Party Down, and developing the CW reboot of 90210. The investigation angle of this story seems to line up somewhat with Thomas' writing on Veronica Mars, which focused on a teen detective, who was also the daughter of a private detective.

It’ll be interesting to see how things go as the project develops. I’d also be particularly interested in seeing who’s cast as the lead. For some reason, when I thought about the casting, Michael Raymond-James (Terriers, True Blood) came to mind, though he might be a bit on the young side for playing a man approaching forty.

For those interested in hearing the story on which this drama is being based, check it out below:

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