You thought she was gone, didn’t you?! Last night on Saturday Night Live, Amy Poehler returned to impersonate Secretary of State Hillary Clinton. It’s like old times! We’ve got clips from the episode, which was hosted by John Malkovich. Be sure to check out the opening monologue. It’s pretty hilarious. The digital short is also pretty interesting.

Hillary Clinton Address the nation in the cold open (As a resident of New York state, I especially appreciated the part where Hillary says farewell to her “home state.”):

‘Twas the Night Monologue:

2 Brothers + 1 Christmas Wish:

Digital Short: J*** in my Pants: (There are no words for this one)

Update: 9 Year-Old Advice:

Vinny Talks to John:

Saturday Night Live airs on Saturday nights at 11:30 p.m. ET on NBC.

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