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Are you guys ready to hear about the woman that might join The View as a new co-host, only to possibly vacate the position in a year or so for one reason or another? You are? Terrific. After last week’s surprising news that Michelle Collins was being ousted, it look like The View’s producers have been on the prowl for a replacement, and the name that has floated to the top of the list is Good Morning America Weekend anchor Sara Haines, who is now reportedly in talks to join the show.

If this goes as smoothly as possible, it could mean quite the promotion for Sara Haines, as far as her time on screen goes. The 38-year-old correspondent has spent the past three years as the lifestyle anchor for GMA Weekend, a position she filled after spending four years popping up during the fourth hour of The Today Show on NBC alongside Kathie Lee Gifford and Hoda Kotb. Her getting this gig obviously wouldn’t mean that she would appear every day on every single episode, but getting a regular seat at the View table could easily boost her profile.

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Of course, ABC is currently playing it cool, sharing this statement with Variety.
We’re lucky to have terrific and talented guest co-hosts fill in at the table and we include Sara Haines on that list. When we are ready to make to make an announcement about next season, we will.

Not that Haines would be a new face to The View or anything, as she’s built up quite a comfortable relationship with everyone over the past couple of years, during which she’s appeared as a guest host more than 30 times. If you’ll recall, there was even an hour-long baby shower for Haines on The View back in February, complete with an audience full of pregnant women, and she also showed up for a special Mother’s Day episode last month to talk about the birth of her son. They like what Sara Haines has to say on that stage, and I wouldn’t be the least bit surprised if she starts saying a lot more when the next season kicks off.

The View has been no stranger to host shake-ups and mini-controversies in its many years on the air. People like Rosie O’Donnell have come, gone, come back and then left again, while there are many others who came and went just once. The firing of Michelle Collins, a decision allegedly made due to dissatisfaction with how Collins has matched up to producer specifications, was just the latest shocking announcement.

It’s still too early to tell if Sara Haines will indeed take over as The View’s newest co-host when next season rolls around, but we’ll start listening to see if she mentions any new jobs on GMA this weekend.