Back in January, it was looking like The Walking Dead was close to securing its next showrunner. At that time, word was that supervising producer Scott Gimple was close to a deal to take over the role, filling the anticipated vacancy to be made by exiting showrunner Glen Mazzara. Today comes word that Gimple is confirmed to take the job.

When AMC's zombie drama The Walking Dead was confirmed for a fourth season, we learned that Glen Mazzara was set to step down as showrunner after the third season wrapped up. And then last month, we learned that Scott Gimple might be the next in line to assume the throne for the series, following behind Mazzara and Frank Darabont before that. Today EW reports that AMC made it official. Gimple will take over as showrunner and executive producer of TWD for Season 4, which begins production in Atlanta this May.

In addition to writing for The Walking Dead since the second season, Gimple's other credits include Life, FlashForward, and Starz's upcoming series Da Vinci's Demons, for which he's credited for two episodes. So he's not only familiar with TWD, but he also has plenty of other TV and genre experience under his belt. Hopefully that'll be enough for him to keep the show on track, as the current season's been pretty great.

Speaking of which - (spoiler alert!) - here's a photo from this week's episode, "Clear," which gives us a look at what Michonne and Carl are about to walk into.

Looks like that restaurant's open for business… for walkers anyway. What is it they're so preoccupied with? Looks like some kind of animal cage. Has someone set a trap (or distraction) for them with that?

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