Given where things left off on The Walking Dead, decisions need to be made. Sure, the Governor could decide not to retaliate against Rick and his people for what they did. And maybe Rick's people could choose to avoid further conflict with the people of Woodbury. But what are the odds of that happening? Slim to none, is my guess. It's the living vs. the living this season, which means it's probably safe to expect more bloodshed. We have some exclusive photos to show you from this Sunday's episode, titled "Home." Check them out ahead!

From what we saw in the promo for "Home," it looks like Andrea and the Governor's "romance" may be coming to an end as trust may present an issue. It also sounds like she wants to reunite with her original group, if only to talk to them about the situation. This first photo shows us Andrea knot looking particularly happy.

And one of the clips from the episode indicates that Glenn is looking to return to Woodbury to take down the Governor. That brings us to these photos, one of which shows Glenn looking angry and the other appears to be the prison group having a discussion.

It looks like Beth has something to say in the group photo. If you click the thumbnail below, you can see a bigger version of that one. It also looks like they have a chalk blueprint drawn out on the floor, which might be a sketch of the layout of Woodbury, or the Governor's apartment, perhaps? It's not especially difficult to understand why Glenn would want to return to Woodbury. What happened to him and Maggie was personal, and it was evident by last Sunday's episode that Glenn is really upset about the situation. Perhaps he's convinced himself that the only way to move past it is to kill the Governor. That might not be the best plan, though. Or it might be too soon. Either way, he's acting emotionally, which makes me nervous. We'll have to wait and see how things go when The Walking Dead's "Home" airs Sunday at 9:00 p.m. ET on AMC.

Episode 310 - "Home" - Airs Sunday, February 17 at 9/8c
As the group debates their next course of action, Rick wanders after a lost friend. Daryl and Merle question their choices. The Governor restores order in Woodbury and makes plans to punish those responsible.
Written By: Nichole Beattie
Directed By: Seith Mann
The Walking Dead - Season 3, Episode 10 - Photo Credit: Gene Page/AMC

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