The Walking Dead Exclusive Photos: Who's Looking Ready For A Fight?

Last Sunday's episode of The Walking Dead focused Rick's challenge, as the leader of the prison group set off to obtain more weapons and ended up running into someone from his past. The entire episode focused on what was going on with Rick, Michonne and Carl. From what we've seen of this week's episode, "Arrow on the Doorpost" will revisit the Woodbury story arc, and check in with the Governor, who's nowhere near finished with Rick's people. We have some exclusive photos from the episode to show you, including one of the Governor looking particularly menacing.

Never underestimate an eye patch to make an already sinister person look even more dangerous. But what's especially scary about this shadowy photo of the Governor is the fact that one hand is out of view.

Supposedly (spoiler alert!), they're meeting to discuss a possible peace treaty, and the clip we shared earlier this week showed the Governor walking into a room with his hands up, to show he's unarmed (or that he's not holding a weapon in his hands, anyway). But what about under the table? The promo in that article shows the Governor reaching for something. Not good.

Next up is a shot of Andrea looking conflicted.

She really is caught in the middle of all of this.

And here's Daryl. He has one hand in his pocket (but close enough to a knife) and the other is holding a crossbow…

Like the Governor, Daryl's looking ready for a fight, but in this case, it's a comforting sight.

The Walking Dead airs Sundays at 9:00 p.m. ET on AMC.

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