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The Walking Dead Will Feature An Epic Showdown In Its Midseason Finale

Is it just me, or has this season of The Walking Dead completely flown by? It feels like the season just started, and we’re already staring down the barrel of the midseason hiatus. If you’re not caught up on The Walking Dead, or you don’t want to know anything about future episodes of the show, be warned. There will be a few spoilers ahead.

The Walking Dead Season 5

Now that Daryl has discovered where Beth (and now Carol) are being kept, we are headed for a massive showdown with the creepers in the hospital.Last week’s episode of The Walking Dead ended with Daryl taking Noah back to the church to collect Rick and Michonne (and maybe Abraham’s group if they return to the church after Eugene’s unfortunate, though not entirely surprising, confession) to head back to the hospital. According to EW, we are heading towards a huge battle between Team Prison and Team Creepy Hospital.

It’s no surprise that the group was headed for some epic headbutting with Officer Dawn and her goons at the hospital, especially now that Carol has joined Beth in the hospital’s ranks of indentured workers--though I can't be alone in thinking Officer Dawn is going to have a tough time explaining how Carol owes the group in the hospital when they were the ones that injured her in the first place. What’s more, EW also says that the group will disagree on how to attack the hospital, and that we’ll be surprised on which side Daryl falls.

Um, what?

No seriously. What does that mean? I’m not surprised at all that there will be disagreement on how to attack and extract their people from the hospital--that’s kind of par for the course for this group--but I am a bit concerned about this “you’ll be surprised on which side Daryl falls” business. Why? Because it would make sense in my head for Daryl to fall on whatever side gets Beth and Carol out safely, and it would surprise me if he was for any plan that didn’t hold their rescue as a priority. Is that what EW’s cryptic spoiler is trying to tell us, that Daryl is not going to move heaven and earth to save Carol and Beth? Or is the spoiler speaking to something a bit more innocuous (and a bit less painful to the shippers out there), like Rick and Daryl butting heads on how to perform the rescue? I’m really hoping it’s the latter, and we don’t see something like Daryl deciding to endanger either Beth or Carol to save the other.

Of course, we’re also still waiting to see what the heck is happening with Morgan. We haven’t seen him since the first couple of episodes. As far as we know, he’s still hunting down random x marks etched into trees. I’m guessing we won’t see more of him until after the mid-season hiatus, but it would certainly be awesome if he was able to help Rick and the group save Beth and Carol from the hospital.

The Walking Dead airs Sunday nights on AMC at 9/8c, and there are is only one episode before the mid-season finale airs on November 30 (here’s hoping DirecTV fans will be able to pick up part II of the season next year).