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The Walking Dead is set to return to AMC’s schedule in just a few short days. We’re been waiting on the edges of our seats and dissecting every little rumor that has come through since AMC announced the zombie drama would be returning this fall, and this weekend The Walking Dead producer Gale Anne Hurd dropped a big bombshell: the show is getting out of the wild and getting back into an urban environment.

When last we left our ragtag crew of heroes, they were stuck in a railroad car at Terminus. Robert Kirkman already confirmed that they will make it out of the railway car, just not without some “savageness.” Now, it seems the crew won’t be returning to the wide spaces they’ve mostly stuck to throughout the tenure of the show. Hurd recently told EW that Season 5 will be much more urban, and will feature the place ominously known as The City Of The Dead.
“The show has spent a lot of time in primarily rural settings. But you’re never going to find the cure to the zombie apocalypse in the sticks. Now with them embarking on a mission, they have to reenter what we call the City of the Dead. “

In other interviews, the possibility of a cure has been brought up before, but it now seems as if that will certainly be a more central concern in Season 5 and there will be some sort of mission concerning that possibility. Perhaps this mission will somehow revolve around Eugene Porter, who first popped up in Season 4 and was hoping to get to Washington, D.C. to share some research related to the cure. Whatever the actual story is related to the urban environment, Hurd also notes the stakes are raised due the situation.
“There are many cities of the dead that they’ll have to encounter to complete their mission. So not only does it make it more difficult because of the number of walkers, but also there are more hiding places in which human antagonists can lurk. So, however stiff and difficult the stakes have been up until this season, now they’ve been raised even further.“

The move toward an urban environment won’t be the first time The Walking Dead has shown a city, but it is the first time in quite some time the show has gone someplace large and infested with zombies. Cities in post apocalyptic worlds are usually pretty scary places, and from what Hurd is illuminating, things are about to get worse (again) before they get better.

First, though, the team needs to find its way out of Terminus and back into the real world. Hopefully that will happen when The Walking Dead returns to the schedule on Sunday, October 12 at 9 p.m. ET.

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