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The Walking Dead's Lauren Cohan On Looking Great In A Zombie Apocalypse

Vanity is a luxury most of the characters in The Walking Dead can't afford, and yet, some characters are holding up better than others when it comes to just how clean their hair and clothes look. For example, Lauren Cohan's Maggie often looks relatively recently showered, at least by comparison to Rick Grimes on his grimier days. Cohan talks about looking good and dirty for The Walking Dead in the above video, and how awkward it can be to go to Target with fake blood on her face. I suppose that can happen if you're doing your shopping right after shooting a scene that takes place in the zombie apocalypse. I can only imagine how the walker-extras look!

This is the part where we reference things from Sunday's episode ("30 Days Without an Accident") so if you haven't seen it, read no further! Spoilers ahead!

I do find myself wondering about how characters in apocalyptic clothes manage to stay clean with limited resources, and though the TWD characters often look a bit rundown, I prefer that to the sight of everyone always looking clean and freshly shaved. It might make for prettier TV, but it does remove us a bit from the reality of the setting in which the story's playing. However, Sunday's episode revealed that there is a functional shower in the prison where the characters have been living for months. So while water conservation might be a priority, it seems like everyone should be looking pretty fresh these days, no? At least, by comparison to when they were living out in the wild, trying to find a place to settle.

Patrick gave us a tour of the shower when he stumbled into the bathroom, sick with a fever and on the verge of death. RIP Patrick:


Vincent Martella's character turned into a zombie in the final moments of the Season 4 premiere, leaving us to wonder what will happen once he gets up and starts looking for something to eat.

In the meantime, based on these photos from Episode 2, it looks like a crowd has formed outside the fence, and people are trying to keep the walkers back…



And then there's Daryl with his face covered. What's he up to?


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The Walking Dead airs Sunday at 9:00 p.m. Et on AMC.