It's only Episode 4! It seems necessary to offer a reminder of that as we look back at last night's episode of The Walking Dead, given the events that transpired. After another brutal installment of the series that has left Rick's group (and probably viewers) forever changed, we're left to wonder where the story is going if things are already as intense as they are.

Spoilers if you haven't seen last night's episode ("Killer Within")!

What did we learn from last night's episode? Well, looking a T-Dog after what happened to Dale last season, it seems standing up for what's right means you will inevitably suffer a brutal walker-related death. Last season, it was Dale speaking out against killing Randall. Last night, T-Dog was the lone voice to defend the two prisoners who were begging to be taken in. The moral high ground may be a dangerous place to hang out. Pregnancy is also a problem. Rest in peace Lori and T-Dog!

The video below has the cast and executive producers discussing "Killer Within," including Rick making the choice to keep the two prisoners out, all the way through the walker attack, T-Dog's heroic death, Lori's death during childbirth and finally, Rick's breakdown when he learns that Lori is gone…

It's pretty obvious that the events of last night's episode will change the group going forward. Two people are gone, one of whom was Rick's pregnant wife. But how will things ensue on an individual level? Carol was last seen running for her life. What has become of her? Did she survive? Given the agonizing death T-Dog subjected himself to in order to give her time to escape, I hope so. And how will Carl deal with having to watch his mother die and then having to shoot her? Was what Callies said about Lori's fears for Carl true - that he might become a monster from all of this? It's something to think about and probably keep an eye out for. I'm still creeped out from the way Carl seemed determined to see his father shoot Randall last season, so I think Callies (and Lori) may have a point.

Check out our full breakdown of last night's episode here.

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