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Among the females I actually like in AMC’s The Walking Dead is Lauren Cohan’s character Maggie Greene. So hearing the news that she’s been promoted to series regular for the zombie drama’s third season is most definitely good news.

TV Line shared the news of Cohan’s recent promotion on the series, stating that she was bumped up from recurring character to series regular. Of course, as TV Line notes, the elevated status doesn’t ensure her character’s safety. Shane and Dale were prime examples of that. In The Walking Dead, no one is really safe.

As far as I can tell, the women on this series are more at risk of becoming unlikable than they are at becoming zombies. I once liked Andrea, but after everything she’s been through, she’s become so unhappy that she's almost hard to watch. And then there’s Lori, who bugged me at first but now regularly irritates me in just about every episode. I’m on the fence about Carol at this point.

Granted, these aren’t exactly happy times, but with great male characters like Dale, Daryl and Glenn, it’d be ok if one or two of the women were also being productive and offering moments of levity instead of causing problems. I say this while picturing Lori flipping a car after hitting a walker because she was reading a map while driving, and Andrea taking a shot at Daryl, with a proud grin on her face.

?So far, Maggie’s proven to be smart, strong, compassionate, and entertaining as a character. That may not always be the case, especially considering she's leaving the farm now and the outside world will likely change her somewhat, but I hope to still like her by the end of Season 3.

TV Line also reports that the 16-episode Season 3 will be broken into two parts, as Season 2 was.

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