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Tomorrow, it'll be one month until The Walking Dead returns for its mid-season premiere. AMC released an ominous looking poster for the second half of the third season. With a horror series, I suppose ominous is always going to be the general tone, but the word could also be used to describe the brief description AMC included for the Season 3's remaining episodes.

First, the poster, which suggests that vengeance is on the menu…

The "eye for an eye" thing is emphasized further by the reminder that the Governor is now missing one of his. The result of an altercation with Michonne. But something tells me he's not going to be particularly picky about whose "eye" he goes for in return. Rick is likely the primary target, and wouldn't you know it? One of his eyes just so happens to be out of view. The message seems to be loud and clear. These two are due for a second round.

From AMC's included description, it looks like the Governor is only one of the obstacles Rick will be facing. There's also Carl's demands and questions, and what's left of the group's humanity to maintain…
With his group in tatters, his sanity in question, and his own son questioning his every move, Rick (Andrew Lincoln) must somehow pull everyone together to face their greatest challenge -- the Governor (David Morrissey). In order to survive, he must risk everything, including the group's very humanity.

Just when Carl was starting to get a bit more tolerable, it sounds like he'll be back to becoming a nuisance. Then again, with Lori gone, Rick's kids may be the only thing he has left to keep himself human, if he doesn't push them away. Perhaps Carl's questions and pestering will keep Rick from drifting off completely. We'll have to wait and see.

The Walking Dead returns Sunday, February 10 at 9:00 p.m.