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Spoilers for The Walking Dead Season 6 are below.

Walking Dead fans know that midseason finales are sometimes the biggest episodes of the year, and given how intense Season 6 has been as a whole, it’s very likely that Sunday night’s episode could be one for the ages. (Or the pages, if we can make a comic-related pun here. Oh, we can’t? Damn.) Star Andrew Lincoln is game to get audiences as pumped for the episode as possible, saying:
There will be blood. The walls come down. And it’s going to be bananas.

Every episode this season has had its share of bananas moments, considering everything but Morgan’s backstory has taken place in the same limited time period, only from different characters’ points-of-view. As we saw in last Sunday’s episode, which revealed to the world that Glenn is basically okay, the watchtower came crashing down on the outer wall, which will make an easy entryway for the zillions of walkers crowding Alexandria’s perimeter. I believe a situation such as this falls under the category of not just “bananas,” but also “apple-crazy” and “watermelon wild.”

Unless, what if by saying “bananas,” he was implying that The Walking Dead would be crossing over with The Flash and that the gorilla Grodd will be swinging through the post-apocalyptic landscape and taking over Alexandria through mind control? Monkeys like bananas, right? At least on TV.

Seriously, though, Lincoln goes on in heaping praise on both the midseason finale and the midseason premiere, along with the rest of Season 6’s back half. Here’s what else he told TheWrap.
I will say episodes 8 through 16 – I’m more excited than I’ve ever been before, just where the story is headed. Eight and nine are unbelievable. Unbelievable. They’re some of the best episodes I’ve read and when I was filming, it just got bigger and more epic and more insane every day that we shot.

That echoes co-star Norman Reedus’ words, as he also said the rest of Season 6 is going to be some of the best episodes that fans have seen yet. I’m inclined to believe both, as this is my favorite section of the comic books, and it all gets capped off by the debut of Negan. Nothing can go wrong from there.

So what do we think is going to happen in the episode? We’ve already talked about who we think will die, and there’s a decent chance that Carl may find himself in a terrible situation. Plus, something has to happen with that Wolves guy that Morgan has locked up. Otherwise, I can’t help but think it’s just going to be 60 minutes jam-packed with walker-slashing action.

The Walking Dead will conclude the first half of Season 6 on Sunday night, and it’ll be back for more when it returns to AMC on Sunday, February 14.