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Spoilers below for The Walking Dead 

While fans of The Walking Dead usually look forward to the mid series finale episodes, we might have to readjust our expectations moving forward. These finales have brought some of the most horrifying deaths, and mind-blowing plot twists in the series history. This season’s mid-series finale “Start To Finish” was, unfortunately, the exception to this rule.

Even though The Walking Dead fans weren’t too happy with the episode, they still remained loyal and tuned in to watch the bloodshed. Deadline is reporting that “Start To Finish” pulled together a whopping 18.3 million viewers, all waiting for the massacre of Alexandria that would never come. 

The Walking Dead set high expectations in the last few moments of the episode before “Start To Finish”. In a rare moment of hope, Maggie sees a sign from Glen, right before a panel of Alexandria’s wall crashed silently to the ground. To make matters worse, a herd of walkers were lurking right outside the wall so basically the shit seemed to really hit the fan.

The mid series finale; however, had nothing but a few close calls, and one supporting character’s death. With the largest herd of walkers we’ve ever seen entering the town, and the majority of the Alexandrians fairly useless in combat, I was expecting quite a few casualties in “Start To Finish”.

My personal prediction, which turned out to be bogus, was that Tara was going to meet her maker, as she’s still recovering from an injury and seemed to mend things over with Rick moments before the wall fell. After giving Mr. Grimes the finger an episode before, I thought we were going to lose her, or someone else from the core group. 

Alas, the only character who met her end was Alexandria leader Deanna. While actress Tovah Feldshuh gave a lovely performance as Deanna, I was ready for her to go. 

“Start To Finish” also left a ton of loose ends for a mid season finale. Glen and Enid remained on the outskirts of the town- depriving us of a Maggie/Glen reunion, and it didn’t contain any of the trio of Daryl, Sasha, and Abraham till the epilogue.

Carol and Morgan’s standoff was exciting, and I was ready for homegirl Carol to take Morgan out of the picture. Unfortunately, Morgan threw cookie lady to the ground, and gave the Wolf a chance to escape with Dr. Denise.

After such a disappointing mid season finale, it should be interesting to see if Walking Dead viewers lose their fascination with the halfway mark of the season. Afterall, plenty of people stopped their previous football viewing in order to watch some zombie action.

Then again, with the cast promising a twisted back half of the season, and with the introduction of Negan it’s likely that The Walking Dead ratings will continue to rise, and maintain the show’s position as the most popular show on television.