The Walking Dead Season 2 Shuffles Onto Blu-Ray This August

After a first season that earned insane levels of internet buzz and critical acclaim, AMC's The Walking Dead suffered a bit of a sophomore slump during its second season. Maybe it was the result of the much-ballyhooed budget cuts, maybe it was just a writing staff trying to find their footing after Frank Darabont's departure, but regardless of the reason, it all added up to a second season that suffered from serious pacing problems. But man, you sure wouldn't know that from watching this new trailer for the second-season Blu-ray and DVD release set to arrive on August 28th.

Despite lingering memories of all the time spent on that damn farm, it's easy to get excited about The Walking Dead again after watching that trailer. Sure, that's the whole idea behind trailers, but it does serve to remind how many genuinely jaw-dropping moments the second season fit in amongst all the hemming and hawing on Herschel's farm. I also have a feeling that Walking Dead's second season will play a lot better when watched in a back-to-back DVD marathon, where the slower pacing won't be magnified by the weeklong wait between episodes.

Unfortunately, the press release from Anchor Bay doesn't provide all the details of what bonus features the set will comprise, but the discs will include "exclusive behind-the-scenes footage, featurettes and audio commentaries." We'll provide more details as we learn them. In the mean time, check out the limited edition case designed by McFarlane Toys, available as a Blu-ray only. That's one hell of a conversation piece, if I do say so myself.

The Walking Dead will return to AMC for a third season in October.