We're coming up on the mid-season finale of The Walking Dead, and after a season of deaths and people getting separated from the group, anything can happen. For those who want a few glimpses at the upcoming "Made to Suffer," check out these promos and clips!

Spoilers if you aren't caught up on Season 3 of The Walking Dead through "When The Dead Come Knocking."

This first promo teases of more danger for Maggie and Glenn and the inevitable confrontation between Rick's group and the Governor's.

I don't like seeing Glenn and Maggie looking so vulnerable. I have this terrible feeling that one or both of them won't make it out of the first half of Season 3 alive. Meanwhile, it looks like Daryl knows that Merle's alive but Rick's making it clear that he needs him. Which side will Daryl choose? It'd be a great cliffhanger if the episode left off with Daryl parting ways with Rick's group to be with Merle. Of course, it'd be a huge mistake for him, but he may have to learn that the hard way.

And speaking of learning lessons the hard way, Andrea's another one who may be making a big mistake. The promo shows the Governor's concern that Andrea will find out (presumably about Glenn and Maggie). And there's a glimpse of her holding a gun saying she saw them. So it's hard to know if she's truly blind to the creepy side of the Governor, or if she's decided she's going to accept it in exchange for a safe place to live. Here she is playing the happy partner to the Governor…

Aren't they adorable? No, not really.

See what Michonne is up to after the jump!

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