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AMC's The Walking Dead was once again one of the most popular panels at Comic-Con and to try and support the overwhelming number of fans, this year it was moved to the biggest room in the house, Hall H. Even with the change of venue, thousands of fans were still stuck waiting outside on the lines while the all-star panelists (including almost all the major cast members and producers) talked about what we can expect from Season 3 of the hit zombie series.

And while the panel went swimmingly, check out Kelly's live blog, the only major announcement was the Season 3 premiere date of Sunday, October 14. Oh, and they also showed a four minute teaser for the upcoming season, featuring some great footage of the returning cast members (you know, those not offed in Season 2) as well as the highly anticipated newcomers, Michonne (Danai Gurira) and the Governor (David Morrisey).

Didn't get into the panel? Not in San Diego? Feel like you missed out? Not to worry, the trailer is already online, take a look...

"If we see you out here, anywhere near our people... I'll kill you." Wow. Pretty explosive. Not only do we get to see quite a bit of Michonne - starting with her swinging that sword of hers - and the Governor but also a great look at both of the major locations for the Season 3. While Andrea found herself saved by Michonne in the forrest, they are quickly found (zombie prisoners in tow) by the Governor's people and brought to Woodbury.

At the same time, Rick is leading the rag-tag survivors towards the prison and taking it over looks anything but easy. And then they have to keep it. Seeing Rick and the Governor walk towards each other gave me chills and Merle's little cameo at the end was pretty rad. Look at that new hand! This seems like the most confident, grand and gut-wrenching season to date. I can't wait.

The Walking Dead returns for Season 3 on Sunday, October 14 on AMC.