So far, the third season of The Walking Dead has been split between the people at Woodbury and the people at the prison, but after last Sunday night's episode (spoilers if you aren't caught up through "Hounded"), it looks like those worlds are about to collide! The question is, which group will have the upper hand?

Glenn and Maggie are in a bit of a pickle. The two were snatched by Merle during a formula run. Fortunately, not only were they spotted by Michonne, but she managed to find the prison, and she brought the formula with her. The basket in her hand only further confirms how awesome and smart she is. Not only will that likely help her get through the gate, but it also eliminates the need for the characters to organize another formula run when they clearly have other issues to deal with - like two of their own getting picked up by Merle.

First up, we have a clip that shows Michonne's arrival at the prison.

She's hurt and surrounded by walkers, but if she's going down, she's not going down without a fight. Will Rick let her in? The promo below spoils that answer.

Rick apparently lets Michonne in. Maybe she let him know that she had information on two of his people. Or maybe he just decided not to stand by and let her get eaten by walkers. Either way, it looks like it's benefiting Rick as Michonne's telling him about the Governor, which means at the very least, Rick won't go after Glenn and Maggie unprepared. And it looks like Merle doesn't think Rick will be coming to rescue Glenn and Maggie, so they may be in for a surprise when Rick does show up (assuming he shows up!).

Based on this clip, it looks like Glenn is sure Rick will come to the rescue.

I have three favorite characters on this show right now. Glenn, Maggie and Daryl. Glenn and Maggie are already in direct danger of Merle and the governor. And how long before Daryl finds out his brother is involved?

The Walking Dead airs Sundays at 9/8c on AMC.

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