The Walking Dead Season 3 Premiere To Stream Online For DISH Subscribers

Since DISH dropped AMC, the cable network has continued to encourage people to switch from the satellite cable provider to a service that does carry their channel. The network has also made efforts to reach out to DISH subscribers by offering a streaming option for certain season premieres. They did it for Breaking Bad's Season 5 premiere and they'll be doing it for the upcoming third season premiere of The Walking Dead.

Starting today (Friday, Sept. 28), DISH subscribers can register at for access to the free live stream of The Walking Dead Season 3 premiere. The episode will stream concurrently with the TV debut, which will allow DISH subscribers the opportunity to experience the first episode with everyone else. Of course, they'll have to find an alternative way to watch the episodes that follow. But it's a good gesture on the part of AMC, as well as one more step in their campaign against DISH. Speaking of which…

This video mashes The Walking Dead scenes with AMC's DISH predicament in a funny way (and encourages people to switch from DISH).

"You don't get to do that. To come into somebody's life, make them care and then just check out!" - Dale

He has a point.

Check out the recent episode photos we share for The Walking Dead's Season 3 premiere, which airs October 14 at 9/8c on AMC.

Kelly West
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