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The Walking Dead Season 4, Episode 13 Watch: Alone

The best case scenario for the characters in The Walking Dead at this point -- excluding a cure for zombie-ism, obviously -- is that they find their way back to one another and find some place safe. In that regard, they took one big step backward and one teeny step forward during "Alone."

I'm going to guess that the final destination for Season 4 is "Terminus." With just a few episodes left in the season and the characters barely any closer to finding each other, at this point, the mysterious sanctuary may be the necessary common goal, regardless of what's there when they get there.

One big step back.

Beth got taken! Is it such a stretch to guess that the funeral home where Beth and Daryl were camped out was out to be one big trap. There was a stock of food there, which Daryl noted was fresh. There were also a few dressed and partially made up walkers, but not a soul in sight. A dog showed up randomly then ran off. And then a throng of walkers showed up, seemingly just as randomly. All at once. Odd, right? While they swarmed Daryl, Beth ran off and was promptly snatched up outside by someone who was... conveniently driving by? Or did someone set the walkers on the house to flush them out and grab the girl? I'm going with the latter theory.

All that happened after Daryl listened to Beth sing and finally decided that there were some good people left in the world. There's a pretty sizable age gap between these two characters, so I'm not sure if we're supposed to be sensing a spark between them, or if they're merely connecting on a human level, as Daryl connects with his sensitive side and maybe learns to appreciate the good in people, even in this harsh cruel world. And Beth's learning how to track and use a crossbow. Or she was until she got snatched up. Now, who knows where she's headed.

Meanwhile, Daryl encountered a gang of men who seemed ready to kill him and claim his stuff, until their leader started talking weapons, and now it seems like maybe they're inviting him to join them? Not sure. But I am pretty sure these are the same guys who set up camp at that house where Rick, Michonne and Carl were crashing. So in this case, Daryl would probably be better off alone than with these guys.

One tiny step forward

After a rough fight with some walkers, Maggie, Sasha and Bob's ammo was low, as were their spirits. Maggie overheard Bob and Sasha talking about how Glenn was probably dead and decided to take off on her own, not wanting them to risk their lives for her. She's not ready to give up hope that Glenn's alive. She headed toward Terminus alone, leaving a zombie-blood note for Glenn, which he might have seen at the very end of the episode. That's the tiny step forward. At the very least, he's aware of Terminus now.

As for Sasha and Bob, they were in disagreement over where to go after Maggie took off. Bob wanted to track Maggie down and head toward Terminus, Sasha didn't. As Bob suspected, Sasha was afraid to go to Terminus because she knew that's where Tyerese would be headed if he were alive. If she shows up there and he's not there, she might have to face the reality that he's gone. Denial's always an option, right? Until it isn't.

After laying a kiss on her, Bob opted to head off to find Maggie, leaving Sasha to go it alone. But it was Sasha who ended up finding Maggie first and then killing a bunch of walkers, after which she was ready to admit to her fear. The two women tracked down Bob and the three are reunited and presumably headed toward Terminus together.

The episode actually gave us a bit more background information on Bob, as "Alone" began with a music-set sequence that showed Bob's solo situation leading up to the day he came upon Daryl and Glenn, or they came upon him, way back when. Bob's "alone" days involved wandering through the woods, seeking out places to sleep and occasionally chugging Nyquil. Sad times. He seems to realize that it's better to have any people than no people.

While I appreciate the way these episodes are allowing us to get to know the characters a bit better, I haven't been loving the second half of the second season, mainly because I'd like to see at least some of the characters reuniting, if only to bring them all together into two groups leading up to the finale. The Bethnapping is a pretty major setback in that regard. We'll have to wait and see if Daryl manages to track her down, but if he does, hopefully he won't have his new "friends" with him.

Three episodes left for Season 4!

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