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Usually when you have to watch an ad before a video, it's for something unrelated to the actual video but in the case of AMC's preview for The Walking Dead, the advertisement was built right in, as AMC used the first thirty-seconds of their Walking Dead Season 4 preview to promote the currently airing Low Winter Sun. That appears to be AMC's online equivalent of showing the Walking Dead clip during the Low Winter Sun broadcast, in the hopes of luring the millions of Walking Dead fans out there over to one of their new series. As the promo notes, Low Winter Sun is available OnDemand for anyone who wants to check it out and get caught up. Moving on to what we came here for, following the LWS promo, we were treated to about forty seconds of Walking Dead footage, which shows us Michonne returning to the prison and being greeted by throngs of hungry walkers. It's not a particularly revealing scene in the scope of the overall plot, but it's an exciting one regardless.

Seems like maybe the prison needs to work on perfecting their entrance situation. Carl opened the outside gate to let Michonne in, but left it open long enough for plenty of walkers to come in behind her and attack her the moment she was off her horse. Maybe only open the gate a little bit next time? Or get that thing pulled closed right away. It was an awkward entrance for Michonne, who climbed down off her horse, failed to pull her sword in time and was then attacked by two walkers at once, as Carl ran to her rescue. Maggie was also there, so hopefully between the two of them, they'll save Michonne. In the meantime, is Michonne losing her game? Or is it just the entrance set-up to blame for how close she's coming to being being walker-lunch. I assume the horse would be dessert, if it isn't already being devoured.

This latest clip follows the previously released featurette for Season 4, not to mention the excellent preview we got at Comic-Con, which you can watch below:

For even more info on what's ahead for Season 4, check out our lengthy breakdown of the various talking points raised in the press room at SDCC last month.

Season 4 of The Walking Dead premieres on AMC on October 13. The DVD for Season 3 arrives tomorrow (August 27). And if you know someone who still needs to get caught up on the series, the first two seasons are available on Netflix.

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