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If you’ve been keeping tabs on The Walking Dead’s fourth season, you should know that the zombie hordes are getting thicker and the prison is becoming less of a safe haven. The show hits AMC’s schedule in just a couple of weeks, and on Monday, the network put out a brand new trailer explaining that in the new episodes “nowhere is safe.”

The fact that no one is immune to the possibility of dying off on the series has always been one of The Walking Dead’s biggest selling points, but the group has always found moments of solace away from the zombies in the past, via outlets like quartering themselves off in the prison or hiding out for a while in safety in Woodbury. This season, comic book writer, show writer and executive producer Robert Kirkman has said, “We really wanted to come into Season 4 and put these characters through their paces…and we wanted every character to be pushed to their breaking point.”

Some of these breaking points are shown in the new trailer. Zombies have interrupted the relatively cozy space that is the prison and everyone inside is working hard to fight against the slow-moving monsters, but from the looks of the trailer, it’s kind of a hopeless situation--“Everything that we’ve been working so hard to keep out, just found its way in.”

Some of the footage that we get to see in this trailer is not new footage, but it almost doesn’t matter. We’ve seen some teaser footage from the new season and other official trailers over the past several months, but I think this one does a great job of showing us the pace and the heightened feelings of insecurity the new season will have to offer. Plus, since there are people from Woodbury in the prison mixed in with our usual crew of heroes, there are a lot more lives at stake. Every time I see that footage of Daryl picking up the petrified young boy as zombies crowd into the prison, I think about how ill-equipped some of the Woodbury people are to handle life with zombies and how opposite of a mentality that little boy still has when compared to hardened children like Carl Grimes.

The new trailer also serves to remind us exactly how close we are to a new season of The Walking Dead. AMC’s popular drama will hit the schedule on October 13 at 9 p.m. ET. And keep your eyes peeled for more talk of a potential spinoff series, which would be set in the same zombie-infested world, but would feature a whole cast of new characters.

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