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The Walking Dead Watch: Season 3, Episode 14 - Prey

Spoilers if you haven't seen tonight's episode of The Walking Dead, titled "Prey."

"Prey" indeed! Poor Andrea. The whole time she was on the run from the Governor, I kept thinking, for all the effort she's putting into this escape, taking off with only a small knife for protection, outrunning a truck, facing off against various zombies and the Governor, she really does deserve to get to the prison. And she nearly did. But we're getting ahead of ourselves.

"Prey" focused almost entirely on the people of Woodbury, splitting its attention between Andrea's choice to leave Woodbury and return to the prison, and Tyreese's issues with Allen and growing apprehension over the Governor's motives.

Andrea would have been better off leaving the Governor and returning to the prison with Rick last week. Tonight, she made the decision to kill the Governor. But when it came time to do it, as she spied him hanging out in his creepy torture chamber, Milton wouldn't let her. He revealed his true loyalty when he quietly pushed Andrea's gun away, just as she was targeting the Governor's head. Realizing she was on her own, and after being disarmed by one of the Governor's guys, Andrea decided enough was enough and took off, but not before warning Tyreese and Sasha that the Governor is a bad guy. She planted a seed there that would begin to sprout some necessary awareness for Tyreese. This place is too good to be true. But we'll get to that in a minute.

Considering she was on foot and without a gun, Andrea's exit seemed like a suicide mission. But she ran. And ran, and ran. And of course, the Governor eventually caught up with her. He chased her into a creepy, dark building, and we were treated to a scene straight out of a horror movie, which isn't exactly new for a series like this, but the suspense was fantastic. The Governor's creepy whistling and glass-breaking offered Andrea a few opportunities to scurry from one shadowed corner to another. And just when it seemed like she was going to escape, she found herself cornered by a stairwell full of walkers, which she eventually used to make an exit just when the Governor found her.

They tricked us. It seemed like it was over when she made it out of the building. Oh, I didn't think that the Governor would have died off screen (and with two episodes left in the season), so I knew he'd make it out of the building. But I had exhaled by the time Andrea's eyes were set on the prison, believing she'd made it. And Rick was just about to see her in the distance. If only she'd called out. If only she had a shred of energy left in her to run. But she didn't, and the Governor caught her, pouncing on her out of nowhere and hauling her back to Woodbury.

The last we saw of Andrea, she was tied up in the Governor's creepy torture room. No one but he knows she's there, either, as the Governor came back claiming he didn't find her. As irritated as I've been at Andrea for being blind to the Governor's creepiness all season, she proved just how strong and capable she is tonight and I'd hate to see her go down at the hands of this monster. Hopefully she'll find a way out of this mess. Who knows what the Governor has in mind for her?

Back to Tyreese, after Andrea warned him and Sasha about the Governor, he expressed some doubt over the situation, which set Allen off. Apparently, there's still some tension among those two since Donna died and it seems like Allen's jealous of Tyreese. Between that and Tyreese voicing his disapproval of the Governor's plan to use walkers (or "Biters") as part of his assault on the prison group, Allen and Tyreese had enough to disagree on to throw down near the Governor's biter-pit. Tyreese got it together and didn't feed Allen to the walkers, and later he seemed to accept the Governor's explanation that they were only planning on scaring the prison people with the walkers. Or was he just pretending to believe him? Hard to say, but that situation still seems unresolved.

When some unseen person showed up and torched the Governor's walker pit (and horse-trailer full of walkers), Tyreese seemed like the likely candidate at first, given the fight earlier. But the moment we knew it wasn't Tyreese, I knew it had to be Milton. Mainly because the scene seemed staged like an act of defiance and Milton was really the only candidate left to blame, if not Tyreese or Andrea. And sure enough, some tense words exchanged between the Governor and Milton confirmed it. It seems like Milton's finally figuring out that he doesn't really mean much to the Governor. Maybe not as much as the Governor meant to him, and maybe he's started questioning his choice to blindly follow the Governor's decisions, including the really harsh ones. Or maybe he just wanted to do something to get the Governor to take him seriously.

Seeing the Governor's closest allies turn their backs on him is a good sign, especially when you consider his plans to take down the prison group. We also know the Governor to be an emotional man, and with Andrea tied up in the basement, I like to think that maybe he'll be too distracted to fully focus on his plans against the prisoners. But we'll have to wait and see.

On an aside, a flashback during the episode revealed that Michonne's two walker pets were people she once knew and didn't like very much (to put it mildly). Interesting. And twisted. Another lesson learned tonight - even if you torch walkers with gasoline, they'll still keep on kicking if there's still something left of them. Yuck! Two episodes to go!

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