Watch All Star Celebrity Apprentice's First Firing And The Full Season Premiere

If you haven't seen last night's season premiere of All Star Celebrity Apprentice yet, avoid the text for spoilers' sake and skip to the bottom to watch the full premiere episode. That's the only spoiler warning you're going to get from here on out! For everyone else, can someone explain to me why Donald Trump thought it was so weird that one of the former Celebrity Apprentice winners wanted to return to play in the All Stars competition? Does the phrase "All Stars" exclude former winners? The emphasis on that seemed a little ridiculous to me, especially when you consider that winning money for and bringing awareness to charity is involved. Bret Michaels winning Celebrity Apprentice didn't cure diabetes. So why is he so wrong for wanting another turn at the game? It's All Stars! The season should consist of the best of the best, which should include at least some winners.

Here's the video that saw Bret sent out the door…

If it was such an issue for a former winner to come back for All Stars, he shouldn't have been allowed to play again. Trump's reason for firing Bret first seemed wonky, but that's not the first time he's zeroed in on some random flaw and used it as a way to cut someone loose. Personally, I think Brande should have gone for not bringing Omarosa into the boardroom. Of course, had she brought Omarosa into the boardroom, she would have been verbally shredded by her and eventually fired anyway, and she probably knew that.

While Brande didn't come out and admit that she left Omarosa behind because she was afraid of her, she did admit that she knew Trump would never have fired her. And that was true too. There's no way Trump's going to let Omarosa go just yet. He understands the entertainment value she brings to the show. And if last night's episode is any indication, Omarosa will target and attempt to take down members of her own team one by one even if it means weakening the team in the process before she finally gets her elevator ride downstairs. Or she'll win the whole thing. The latter option seems unlikely right now, considering she seemed far more motivated to ruin Bret's game than she was to perform well at the task (based on what we saw, anyway), but who knows what can happen? Personally, I'm hoping Busey takes her down.

Watch the full episode here:

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