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Spoilers if you're not caught up on Breaking Bad through the first half of Season 5!

Breaking Bad the musical? Having a hard time picturing it? Then watch the nearly-six-minute video, which not only visualizes the AMC drama as a musical, but throws a middle school spin on it, turning meth into rock candy and condenses the plot to it's darkest elements, pun intended.

With the return of of Breaking Bad just days (days!!!) away, Heisenberg and his liquid blue persuasion is likely on the brain for a lot of us, so spending six minutes watching a middle-school-style musical is just one way to get six minutes closer to the first episode of the second half of the final season. The play not only succeeds in being funny and also making the plot of Breaking Bad a bit more kid-friendly, turning blue meth into blue rock candy, but it also teases a potential conclusion for the series. It's very possible that Breaking Bad will end with Hank slapping a pair of handcuffs on Walt's wrists. I'm banking on Walt going down in a blaze of something, personally, but if Hank comes out of this series a hero, I'll be beyond satisfied.

Posted by Rhett & Link, the play's attention to detail is part of what makes it so funny. Jesse's trademark "Yeah bitch!" is edited down to a notable "Yeah!," and we get to see the kid version of Hector Salamanca roll by on stage, enthusiastically dinging his bell. I also loved the way kid-Gus straightened his tie before his big face-off fall. And the winning song of the video has to be "I Am The One Who Knocks." Hearing that almost makes me wish there really was a Breaking Bad musical. Almost. A bizarre, dark, music-infused story about a cancer-stricken science teacher who turns to the dark side. I might buy a ticket to see that.

Got more time to kill between now and the Breaking Bad half-season premiere? Check out the "Say My Name" Tease, which unfortunately isn't very generous in the way of new footage, but does a nice job of whetting our appetite for the show's return regardless.

And then there's the recap video, which offers a helpful reminder about where everyone left off when the fifth season broke for hiatus last year.

Or you can watch those episodes on Netflix. And I personally recommend doing that, not only because there's a lot of plot (and maybe a few major clues) packed into those episodes, but also because they're really good. And because we still have days to wait for Breaking Bad to premiere (August 11 at 9:00 p.m. ET on AMC.)

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