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Bruce Campbell established himself as an icon for the way in which he translated his natural charisma to the screen – and it looks like he hasn’t lost a step. Prior to an appearance at the Wizard World convention in Chicago, the actor stopped by the FOX 32 morning show Good Day Chicago, and decided to have some fun with the weather and traffic reports.

After telling the hosts on Good Morning Chicago that he had always wanted to report the weather on local news, Campbell acquiesced to their goading and made his way over to the green screen. Following a brief tutorial, the B-lister was off and running.

Showing some mild trepidation at first, he quickly began to exhibit the gregarious on-screen persona that made him famous, and despite the attempts of the usual staff to keep up, Campbell easily stole the show. Even when he flat out insulted the competence of the meteorologist he stood in for, he kept everyone laughing the whole time. Then it kept going. And going. The staff – much like the rest of the world -- loved Bruce, even going so far as to invite him to report on the traffic conditions in the area, and snapping a few poorly framed selfies with him before breaking for commercial.

It makes sense that Campbell would have some fun with his appearance on Good Day Chicago -- he was there to promote his appearance at Wizard World. The convention draws crowds of proud geeks eager to learn about everything ranging from the upcoming season of Arrow to Campbell's own new series Ash Vs Evil Dead.

Campbell joins a long history of performers who have appeared as guests on news programs and completely stolen the show. For example, stand-up comedian T.J Miller -- Silicon Valley, and Deadpool -- has made numerous appearances on local morning shows throughout his career, and completely took the program off the rails with his antics. Political comedians Jon Stewart and Stephen Colbert both ventured to FOX news programs as well to both mock and debate the proceedings. Campbell's foray into the morning show world represents one in a long line of appearances, and he most certainly did not disappoint.

Campbell has cultivated a prolific acting career, appearing in Hollywood movies and TV shows – ranging from cameos in the Spider-Man films, to a starring role on Burn Notice. His status as an icon seems only set to increase, with the upcoming appearances on Fargo, the Ash vs. Evil Dead series on Starz and the possibility of an Expendables-type movie tailored towards legends of the horror genre.

With so many projects on the horizon, we can safely assume that we will likely see many more hijinks from the legendary actor very soon.