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Jimmy Kimmel has been doing “Mean Tweets” for so long now that I really thought he'd gotten through all the factions of celebrities, placing them under the spotlight and having them read the mean things people wrote about them on the internet. Apparently, there are still plenty of celebrities willing to go on the show. To coincide with the CMA awards, this week Kimmel invited country music artists to the set for the latest edition of “Mean Tweets,” which features plenty of big names. You can check out the hilarious segment, below.

I’ve always been quite partial to “Mean Tweets,” both because the celebrities usually handle it well, laughing at the insults random people on social media have cobbled together to get approval, and because it must take Kimmel’s staff a lot of effort to cull through posts to find the best insults related to specific celebrities. The end result is several minutes of hilarity, often featuring mainstays in a given field. We’ve seen sports editions of “Mean Tweets” before, a pop-oriented edition of the segment and even one where President Obama took some flack, but those who dislike country music can be particularly mean.

There’s the person who exclaims that 82-year-old Willie Nelson just won’t “die.”


A lot of the other people tackle the looks or the music of various singers. Kacey Musgraves gets told she looks like a member of a “house band at Chili’s,” which seems pretty mean-spirited, and Luke Bryan gets his musical talent insulted:


Then there’s Carrie Underwood, who is so immensely popular that I figured her fans only deigned to talk to her about positive topics, like rainbows, butterflies and Jesus taking the wheel. Actually, her insult isn’t that bad, as it seems to have come from an unintelligible/ probably drunk individual.


People are rude and crude on the internet all the time and there usually aren’t any bad repurcussions for saying awful things to strangers. I’m not saying that “Mean Tweets” is out to be the defender of the internet, but there’s something satisfying about giving celebrities the chance to read this mean stuff and let it roll off their shoulders on the air. Kimmel’s done a lot of “Mean Tweets” segments this year, and even had a “Mean Tweets” week on Jimmy Kimmel Live!, so I’m sure there’s a lot more where this came from.

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