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Watch: Game Of Thrones' Theon Greyjoy Gets A Dick In A Box Mashup

Spoilers if you aren't caught up on HBO's Game of Thrones!

It was probably only a matter of time before someone mashed The Lonely Island's "Dick in a Box" with Theon Greyjoy's unfortunate situation in the third season of Game of Thrones. I like to think that the mashup existed the moment Yara Greyjoy's hand touched the edge of that box, which presumably held the part that had recently been removed from her brother's body. It was just a matter of someone taking the idea of it and bringing it to fruition. And they did.

Jezebel shared the video above (via Hypervocal). Not only does it poke fun at the "Dick in a Box" joke, using the beloved and memorable SNL digital short song as the soundtrack to the revelation that Theon's penis had been delivered to Balon Greyjoy in a box, but the video creator took it a step further by leading up to the big "Dick in a Box" reveal with romantic scenes from Theon's previous attempts to get familiar with his sister, before he realized she was his sister. There are layers to the levels of disturbing in Theon's story, and this video manages to capture a couple of them, while also putting "Dick in a Box" in our heads and capping it off with the unsettling sight of Ramsay Snow chowing down on sausage.

Game of Thrones wrapped up its third season last Sunday night. Read Jesse's breakdown of the season finale here. And see what Game of Thrones executive producers had to say about the episode here.

Kelly West
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