Watch How People Reacted That Time They Were Trapped Inside An Ikea For A TV Show

Hidden camera pranks have been a part of reality TV for some time now, but in the US, sometimes we miss out on the incredible pranks people in other countries are pulling on their citizens. A while back, the "What Does The Fox Say?" guys totally duped a slew of individuals during an episode of their talk show series I kveld med Ylvis. The result? A bunch of people were stuck in an Ikea model for quite some time with no hope of getting out. You can watch the hilarious prank unfold, below.

Here’s how the prank worked. If you’ve ever been in an Ikea model, you should know that small spaces are generally connected by doorways. Often these boxy spaces are open, but in this Ikea space, the openings look more like doorframes. After looking around for a bit, a couple realizes they both can’t find the exit, noting they came through a curtain that now has a wall in the way. Another couple tries to force a false door open, hoping to escape. Vegard and Bård Ylvisåker aka Ylvis eventually allow a couple more people into the small Ikea model, and the first couple decides to follow them around. This is seriously silly stuff, people.

There aren’t a lot of nightmares that really get to me. I’m not scared of heights or weirded out by any animals. I’m not worried about getting burglarized or dying. But the thought of being constricted into an Ikea model is terrifying. Terrifying. Luckily, these people seem more befuddled than upset about being stuck in an enclosed space, so the prank is completely harmless, as it is meant to be. One woman giggles the entire time, she’s so tickled pink about whatever’s happening. At the very least, she’s not worried at all.

Ikea is only becoming bigger and bigger in the States, which means people across the country can now fully identify with these tiny, enclosed exhibits. Thus, we saw this and just had to share with you guys. While the whole thing is shot in Norwegion, the clever little subtitles are an English reader’s best friend.

In the States, while shows like Punk’d are now long over, a ton of other shows have filled the void. In fact, Ellen DeGeneres’ daytime talk show, Ellen, often pranks the heck out of its celebrity guests. (Not to mention she has a long-standing prank-oriented feud with Matt Lauer.) In a recent episode of Overhaulin’ Johnny Depp convinced the show to prank Amber Heard and steal her car. Moments like these can still really work in the cultural consciousness, and I can’t wait until an American show does something similar to this bit.

Jessica Rawden
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