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Last year, John Travolta had everyone talking about how he mangled the name of the beautiful and talented Idina Menzel. This year, the talented songstress got her revenge, as on display in the video below.

On stage to announce the winner for the Best Original Song category on ABC's live stream of the Academy Awards, Idina Menzel was brought out to set up the gag. Sure enough, she announced that “Glom Gazingo” was to join her on stage. Being the good sport that he is, John Travolta walked out on to the stage and engaged in some playful patter with Menzel, showing that no hard feelings are in order. After all, it was only a year ago that John Travolta left his reading glasses at home, and delivered to us the moment we all were laughing about the next morning.

Of course, while it's easy to knock Travolta for his flub, it's not so easy when you keep in mind the job that the celebrity guests of the evening are tasked with: getting the names right. Being an Oscar presenter has to be a tough racket, even with the fact that the nominee's names are pre-recorded, because you have to read the names of the winners. When you're presenting on stage talent, it's even harder, because you're truly working without a net, much like Travolta did last year. However, it's moments like this that make the show as exciting as it is, and one of this evening's best moments of comedy came from a simple call back to a gag that's become a living classic. Years from now, when they look back on Oscar shows of years past, this is going to be in the clip reel.

For a night that's been light, simple, and managed to crank out a decent laugh to groan ratio, the John Travolta/Idina Menzel reunion will definitely go down as one of the highlights of the telecast. Though Menzel is certainly on her way to becoming an Oscar fixture, after her big Frozen performance last year, as well as this year's joke further cementing her into the show's legacy. How they'll get her back next year is anyone's guess, but if Chiwetel Ejiofor's nominated then perhaps there's still some whiskers on this gag yet.

Frozen is available on Blu Ray, DVD, and probably on your kid's bookshelf next to their copy of The LEGO Movie. John Travolta can be found where all fine hair pieces are sold.

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