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Watch The Incredible Emmys Opening Sequence Featuring Andy Samberg And Surprises

When you’ve got Andy Samberg as the host of something, you know things are going to get extremely silly. And it took literally no time for that to happen for tonight’s Emmy Awards, as the opening musical sequence was fully of goofiness and tomfoolery. (Both!) Check out the celebrity-filled clip below.

That was pretty perfect as far as I’m concerned. It’s a solid response to conversations happening recently about whether or not there is too much TV on the air right now. As a TV fan, I’m always going to embrace as much creative output as possible, but that opening definitely puts a spotlight on just how many shows people are talking about these days, and how hard it is to stay current with everything that’s critically acclaimed, much less the crappier shows for guilty pleasures.

And for my money, any argument one can make is way better whenever there are cameos from some of the coolest actors out there. This video kicks things off with Yvette Nicole Brown, Timothy Simons and more railing Samberg for not knowing every TV show, and then after things take off musically, the clip is taken over by “Andy Samberg with a crazy beard rubbing Jon Hamm’s back,” which is everybody’s favorite celebrity, I think. Except for Kerry Washington.

But then Nathan Fillion comes in and almost ruins things for Samberg by bringing up Castle. Luckily, it only takes 151 hours for him to get that done, and then we get this lovely visual.


I think “Nathan Fillion holding bearded Andy Samberg” is my new spirit animal.

Then we get Will Forte as a soldier who takes Samberg to task for watching too many shows. But it isn’t really a crime, so Forte compliments Samberg’s beard and then jumps to his death. The only natural way to end a segment like that, really.

The bit where he goes into other people’s shows is kinda meh, but then he makes a Robert Durst joke and Bob Odenkirk pops in, and those are two things that can save anything. For some reason, I really love when people rhyme movies and TV shows in a musical list, so I was all over that part. I imagine that listing all of the shows with “wife” and “wives” in the title was a good time in the writers’ room. Unless it was just one person combing through Wikipedia.

And it all wrapped up with a sweeping dance number and Samberg’s admission that he’s white before going into the comedian’s surprisingly sharp and risqué monologue. Which featured more Robert Durst jokes. Nailed it.

For an updated list of everyone who won tonight, head to our list here.

Nick Venable
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