Watch J. Lo And Tom Cruise Dancing At The MTV Movie Awards

In the days leading up to the MTV Movie Awards Tom Cruise, ever game for some attention, filmed a series of promos in character as Les Grossman, the foulmouthed studio executive he played to perfection in 2008's Tropic Thunder. You've already seen him berate Robert Pattinson and Taylor Lautner, but trust me, you haven't lived until you've seen him get whipped by J. Lo.

In what surely must be the weirdest scene of the night-- I'm saying this even though the awards aren't over-- Cruise as Grossman took the stage of the MTV Movie Awards for a dance number and was soon joined by J. Lo, who following the complete failure of The Back-Up Plan probably could use some attention too. The scene is funny, sure, but it is a little weird to think that the target tween audience for these awards doesn't even remember the period in the early 00s when these two were actually big stars. Still, for us oldies out there, it's a surreal and funny flashback to happier times. Check out the madness below.

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Katey Rich

Staff Writer at CinemaBlend