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Is anyone feeling overwhelmed or exhausted by Jennifer Lawrence’s charm? Yeah, me neither, at all. The Oscar winning actress is back in the spotlight as The Hunger Games: Catching Fire arrives in theaters, and that includes a trip to Late Show to charm the Worldwide Pants off David Letterman and his audience. Because what’s more adorable than talking about ulcers and crapping your pants? Most women probably couldn’t pull off such a conversation, but Lawrence’s candidness is part of what’s launched her to the A-list. Her talent certainly plays a contributing factor there, but let’s face it, these days, Lawrence can do no wrong. The above clip from Letterman has her talking about her fulcer and pre and post-anesthesia ramblings after a recent procedure. And in this one, she talks about some drink Woody Harrelson made her that may have contribute to some of her… stomach issues:

Here, she chats about wanting to be hugged. Because who doesn’t want to be hugged?

And if you’re wondering where she got the blanket, the answer's in this clip:

I have no idea where they actually got that blanket, but I like to imagine there’s a Late Show page whose job it was to storm into the nearest apartment they could find to snatch up the first comforter in sight. And maybe somewhere out there, there’s a little girl who’s super thrilled to discover that this terrifying ordeal involving a blanket-snatching late night talk show page actually led to Katniss snuggling up under her blanket on TV… with David Letterman. Either that, or none of this is real and we’re all just living inside of one of Jennifer Lawrence’s anesthesia dreams.


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