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Jimmy Fallon has not had the best of luck lately when it comes injuries. After an injury that nearly cost him a finger on his left hand back in July, Fallon sadly came up the loser yet again in the epic battle of man vs. gravity. Fortunately, Fallon is a comedian to the core, and he could not resist the chance to share the story of his latest hand injury on The Tonight Show with as much hilarity as we’ve come to expect of him. Check it out!

Jimmy Fallon opening his latest injury monologue by summoning a cameraman to get a closer look at the Sesame Street band-aids on the fingers of his right hand was a clue right away that he probably did not require surgery this time around. In fact, the Tonight Show host's telling of the tale was so lacking in trauma that we didn’t have to feel even a little bit bad for laughing.

Fallon set the stage for his story by explaining that he was in Massachusetts over the weekend to be inducted into the Harvard Lampoon and receive the Elmer Award. If his excited telling of his chariot ride through a parade in Cambridge is any indication, his memory of the event has not been tarnished by the injury.

Of course, the chariot ride was not the part of the weekend that left his fingers wrapped up in Elmo and Ernie bandages. He was at an evening laser and music show put on by the Harvard band when he got involved in his latest mishap. Wanting to give some sort of award to the unpaid band, Jimmy Fallon called for a bottle of Jagermeister.

In hindsight, he perhaps should have realized that few things ever end well that begin with a cry for a full bottle of Jagermeister.

Apparently, in his haste to reward the band, Fallon missed out on the young woman down on one knee in front of him. He then dropped the bottle and fell on top of the glass shards, leading to another trip to the hospital. Still, his relatively light recounting of this hand injury is not entirely surprising, considering the far more gruesome story of his previous hand injury that took him to the ICU for ten days. Sesame Street band-aids are a small price to pay for a wound that could have been much bigger. Besides, he got a pretty great story out of the ordeal, and we don’t have to feel guilty for laughing and re-watching a few extra times.

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